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ICT Management ENSURES that
mission critical Information Technology
keeps your business running

We provide Information Technology Management

Acting on behalf of our clients ICT provides you with management and technical skills, continuity, expertise and scalability to support and maintain your mission-critical IT structure. We provide fully-managed IT services and outsourced IT management to an array of small to medium-sized businesses globally.

About Us

In 2010, ICT began providing professional IT management services to clients in the BVI and around the world. Information Technology is a critical asset to any organisation. As such, it must be properly managed. ICT provides this as an integrated service together with all associated, planning, implementation and support.

The premier service provided by ICT is fully integrated IT Management and support. This provides our client with a fully outsourced IT department – often at less than the cost of an individual IT manager. It includes the ongoing evolution of IT strategy, planning and implementation, management and control as well as support on an ongoing basis. For the fully managed client this includes redundancy and disaster recovery services as well.

On occasions, ICT will also perform specific projects and will work with internal IT departments to provide significantly enhanced infrastructure and facilities.

Trusted Partner

Clients trust ICT with significant responsibility… EVERYTHING!
No organization can work effectively without secure, solid information technology systems and infrastructure.

Experienced Management and Staff

Better than in-house IT departments, ICT provides skills and experience with full redundancy and continuity. Not dependent on any individual, ICT always has multiple staff members allocated to clients.

Rapid Response

Measured on a stop watch; not a calendar!
More than this, however, ICT provides proactive planned structured environments to minimise the occurrence of technical issues.


ICT provides IT strategy, management, planning, implementation, operations, and support.

IT Strategy

We work closely with your Leadership Team and delve into your organizational mission and culture in order to create and align a customized IT strategy that helps achieve and support your overall business objectives and goals.

IT Implementation

We get IT done. We identify, acquire and assign the resources. We plan the project, implement it, and provide a full review on completion.

IT Management

We ensure that adequate resources are available to manage key initiatives such as Capital and Operating Budgets, Management of Hardware Software and Data Services, Security and Redundancy, Disaster Recovery, and the Identification and Implementation of Strategic Goals.

IT Operations

We actively monitor your organization’s core IT infrastructure, including its servers, network, wireless technology, and voice and video. We observe the usage of data/file/physical space and proactively maintain parameters to avoid potential issues of core service outages. We also supervise Line of Business core applications and databases.

IT Planning

We provide skilled and ongoing review, analysis and evaluation of a spectrum of global technology solutions such as cloud services or M2M. We identify new technologies and assess international trends for their applicability in addressing your organization’s needs.

IT Support

We provide exceptional capabilities to configure, set up, monitor and maintain end-user systems and applications — ranging from PCs and laptops to tablets and smart phones. We bring the support you need to reach your business objectives.

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Information and Communications Technology Management Consulting

We offer high-level management consulting services for Information and Communications Technology Management.

We offer high-level management consulting services:

  • Unbiased evaluation of existing corporate or organizational IT and communications environments
  • Assessment of management, technology and security systems
  • Determinations of strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Recommendations for improvement

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ICT provides hosted services, remote desktop services, backup and redundancy, and disaster recovery.

Hosted Services

Ranging from web to line-of-business servers, ICT provides custom hosted systems for local and international clients. Primary hosting is provided in a 100,000 sq. ft. data center, fully secured and with multiple redundant power, cooling and connectivity services.

Remote Desktop Services

A managed virtual desktop infrastructure for clients to access.

Backup and Redundancy

The data center provides full data backup and offsite systems redundancy facilities.

CyberThreat Recovery

Given the massive risks of data breach and ransomware, in addition to regular disasters, recovery from these is absolutely critical. With hardware and networking infrastructure immediately available, a disaster at client sites is mitigated by having systems up and running in the data center or on hardware and networking equipment delivered to the client site within moments of an incident. In addition, proper planning processes and procedures mitigate the impact of such events.

For further details, refer to – an ICT entity.

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